E26 Procar Socken

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E26 Procar Socken Ursprünglich als Zusammenarbeit zwischen BMW und Lamborghini geplant,... mehr
"E26 Procar Socken"

E26 Procar Socken

Ursprünglich als Zusammenarbeit zwischen BMW und Lamborghini geplant, wurde der M1 1978 auf den Markt gebracht, mit einer Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 260 km / h war es "Deutschlands schnellster Sportwagen" und damit zum Kaiser der Autobahnen gekrönt.
Der Plan von BMW ging jedoch weit über die Schaffung eines erstaunlich guten Sportwagens hinaus, der auch so aussah. 1979 kam die BMW Procar Series auf den Markt mit einer verbesserten 310 km /h-Version des M1 und der BASF Lackierung, die trotz ihrer nur kurzer Lebensdauer von zwei Saisons als spektakulärer Star in die Geschichte einging.

80% reine Baumwolle, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elasthan.
Nahtlos geknüpft, eine Socke die nirgends zwickt..

Linksherum waschen (40°C/100°F max.). Nicht in den Trockner, nicht bügeln, bleichen oder in die chemische Reinigung geben.
Größe: L: 41-46, UK (7½-11½), US (8-12)



Forty-something years ago a legend was born. The 3.5 inline-six M1 was the first car to be entirely developed by BMW's M division and was designed from scratch for a life on the track. You can think of it as the great-grandfather of all M BMWs, a dynasty that has since done so much to help shape and push forward the sports car segment while amassing a global legion of devote followers.
Originally planned to be a collaboration between BMW and Lamborghini, the M1 was launched in 1978 with only about 450 units of the mid-engined hand-built bavarian unicorn ever being produced. And, with a top speed of 260 km/h, it was "Germany's fastest sports car" and therefore crowned Kaiser of the Autobahns.
But BMW's plan went far beyond just creating an amazingly good sports car that also looked the part. In 1979 the BMW Procar Series came along, a one-make racing championship starring a beefed-up 310 km/h version of the M1 and, in spite of its 2-season only short lifespan, went down in history as a spectacular star-incrusted motorsport event, with a parade of F1 drivers joining in on the fun - Andretti, Fittipaldi, Hunt, Lauda, Piquet and Prost just to name a few.  
Spoiled for choice, we went with the BASF livery - does the word cassette ring any bells? - in part because of its unique and remarkable design, but mostly because it made the biggest exhaust flames of the lot. Seriously, google "M1 BASF flamethrower".
You're welcome! 

80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane.
We use seamless knitting to create a sock with no stitches. Wash inside out (40ºC/100ºF max). Do not tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean.
Size: L: 41-46, UK (7½-11½), US (8-12)


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